David Chouinard

Hi, I'm David

As a teenager, I was a hacker. I built robots and devoured programming books. Founded my first company at 12 and always carried business cards. My insatiable curiosity often got me in trouble. Fascinated by flight, I became a pilot before I could legally drive a car.

Today, I’m still a hacker. I invent tools that enable us to use vision to think. Harvard grad, I helped build FlightAware, grew startups with Techstars and now play at Walt Disney Imagineering R&D. I’m passionate, smart and hungry as ever.



In 6th grade, I donned my suit, pitched my school and got a budget for starting an after school robotics program.
Endlessly curious, I founded TEDxMontreal in college and grew it to 50+ volunteers. Here, the start of a quest to share ideas worth spreading.
It's exhilariting to see impact — my work has been featured in outlets like the TODAY show, NBC News and FOX.